Primary Care API

Walkthrough of connecting to a dummy primary care practice

Here's what it looks like

Reading the patient list from an on-premise clinical system, with a web API call. Vybrance transforms the data from the legacy database and syntax, into the future proof health data standard called FHIR.

Now it's your turn to connect to our API

Steps for you to access the above dummy data

1. Request API key from us

2. Authenticate for access token

  • Authentication URL:
  • Token URL:
  • Scope: "user/*.read"
  • Client Id and Client Secret will be sent to you
  • API URL is
  • Now you have your access token, use it in the next step

3. GET list of dummy patients

  • GET - this will return all patients
  • Content-Type: application/fhir+json
  • Accept: application/fhir+json
  • X-VYBRANCE: 1358f77d-959c-e911-b645-104a7db265a0
  • Authentication: Bearer (token you get when authenticating against id server)
  • X-VYBRANCE is a Vybrance location identifier; a connected health software installation, usually a single physical healthcare practice

4. Build something wonderful

  • Browse the freshly delivered list of 155 patients in a FHIR Bundle
  • Build a wonderful application for healthcare

5. Read more about FHIR basics

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