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Vybrance Enterprise

Published by Alex on
Vybrance Enterprise

We are excited to introduce Vybrance Enterprise; a managed health data and application platform for enterprises and large healthcare organisations. It's all the tools needed to connect to important healthcare data, and deploy impactful applications.

Vybrance provides all of the data connectivity, application integration, the human supported deployment of system integrations, and maintenance of distribution of connectivity across any number of physical locations. Vybrance gives enterprises the confidence to scale a health data capability, connect as many sources of data as they would like, and tackle some of the biggest challenges in healthcare today. 

We are already working with some of the leading digital health companies in Australia, to connect many hundreds of physical locations across the country. We are inviting healthcare systems, local health districts, state governments, and healthcare enterprises to come on a journey with us. We will look after some of the complexity of connecting transforming and maintaining healthcare data, so you can focus on creating the impact that your organisation seeks. 

Vybrance means organisations can:

  1. Scale; immediately scale health data and application connectivity to any number of primary care or hospital physical locations,
  2. Surface; create rich workflows, applications and insights across patient cohorts, geographies and modes of care, and
  3. Secure; utilise best in class security and privacy infrastructure to control the access of healthcare data to the right place.

Vybrance removes many of the obstacles and excuses for not tackling bigger challenges in healthcare - and at the end of the day, what's more important than our health?

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