Unlock healthcare data, build rich applications

Enterprises use Vybrance to connect healthcare applications and unlock data

Code typing

Tools to leverage healthcare data

Cloud-enabled services to capitalise on healthcare data and power rich applications

One integration

Connect your applications to one integration

All the data

Interact with data in primary care, hospitals, imaging and pathology settings


We take care of deployment, logging, monitoring, and support for all connected applications and physical locations

Server status
Software engineer

APIs to integrate with health software faster and cheaper

Build richer products, and get to market faster by using our integration APIs

One integration

Connect to all your customers with the same code

All the data

Build rich products with all the data you need, now and in the future


One API for popular Practice Management Systems (Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie) and hospital Patient Admin Systems (like DXC i.PM)

Vybrance means organisations can


Immediately scale health data and application connectivity to any number of primary care or hospital physical locations


Create rich workflows, applications and insights across patient cohorts, geographies and modes of care


Utilise best in class security and privacy infrastructure to control the access of healthcare data to the right place

Vybrance offers organisations


Connectivity Management and Support

We take responsibility for getting your locations connected to Vybrance, and keeping them connected:

initial appointment setting (all emails/phone calls)
followup appointment and remote installation
proactive calls to practices to solve connectivity issues

Prebuilt Development Environments

Virtual machines to test the Vybrance API along side the development of new applications:

Best Practice
Medical Director
Twitter Box
Outer space

High Performance Cloud

A proprietary, locally hosted, high performance FHIR API, with redundancy across multiple Microsoft Azure regions. In Australia for example:

'Australia SouthEast'
'Australia East'
'Australia Central'

Security, Compliance & Deployment

Best practice security measures for all data and applications:

data hosted in Australia only, encrypted at rest and in transit
256-Bit AES encrypted databases
OAuth 2.0 authentication with keys refreshed hourly
applications access is IP whitelisted, and connected by secure VPN
databases run on private networks, with no direct internet access
API endpoints forced HTTPS, and receive automatic security updates
strong random passwords, 2FA and encrypted devices
scanning for 1,500+ vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top 10 and CORS
code audits (security vulnerabilities) and intrusion detection
Security on

Product capability

Vybrance connects to clinical systems, and transforms the data into a FHIR server in the cloud

Interact with patient data

A RESTful web API to interact with patient data in:

Medical Director
Best Practice
Hospital Patient Admin Systems (PAS)
Radiology Imaging Systems (RIS)

Read availability, book appointments

A RESTful web API to make bookings in:

Medical Director
Best Practice

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Built by a team from


Does Vybrance own the data?

No. We connect everything we can, but own nothing. We are here to help you build and sell software.

How stable is the on-premise integration?

Our on-premise connector has been deployed at over 1,000 sites Australia wide, for well know enterprise clients.

Is Vybrance built on FHIR?

Yes, our cloud servers are FHIR servers, and our APIs are FHIR compliant. Contact us for FHIR Profile details.

What does Vybrance integrate with today?

On premise integration with Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie, most hospital Patient Administration Systems, and a web API for cloud integration.